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Cooking class in Villa Rauha

Cooking class in Villa Rauha
€300.00 / 5 h
Price includes 4 persons.Extras:
  • Persons€20.00

Discover traditional dishes by doing it yourself

The basic price includes guidance and guidance for 1-4 people.

Blueberry pie. Traditional thin bread. Blazed salmon. Creamy bread cheese and local cloudberries.

These wonderful delicacies have been prepared and eaten in the north for a long time. Would you like to learn how to make these yourself and get to experience the wonderful flavors of the north? Some of the dishes require to be inside, but many dishes can also be made by the fire. And what would be better way to spend your time than to sit by the campfire on a reindeer skin and enjoy it all!

The price of the course includes guidance and materials for the foods will be added according to which dishes are agreed to be prepared.