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What to do in Villa Rauha?

What to do in Villa Rauha?

Are you more of an active outdoor person or an aesthetician enjoying a peaceful stay indoors and out in the yard? Or between the first and the second? At Villa Rauha, both options are entirely possible!


There are three basic elements in our surrounding nature which offer a countless possibilities for experiences:

  • The lake Jerisjärvi and other nearby waters
  • The fells
  • The forests with trees and swamps

The biggest impact on the options for doing, of course, is the season. And here in the North we have 8 of them! Each season has its own wonderful sides and the change of seasons to the next is always a play of conflicting emotions. On the one hand, giving up the existing one is wistful, while looking forward to the new one at the same time. And if you ask me, my favorite season is always the one that's going on. Year after year, I can always fall in love with the seasons over and over again - what a privilege it is!

So what to do? My best advice is to forget the goals set by others and the "must sees". Just do something you enjoy yourself. You can ask us for advice on different levels of stuff to do, I think we can help in quite a few things! And if you've come up with something quite top notch that I haven't been able to mention, then tip it for me too, so I can forward it to others, too ;) 

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