We are proud of the standard of our villa and in my opinion one could spend weeks in a row without leaving the villa and its yard area. But as there are so many wonderful places in the neighborhood, I think I need to give some hints of them. Here, in the form of a blog, I'll collect tips for places to visit, both from personal trips and as heard and experienced by others.  

What to do in Villa Rauha?

Food - What and where?

Lapland's 8 seasons: Autumn Foliage

Around the lake Jerisjärvi, part 1

Around the lake Jerisjärvi, part 2

Sense the silence

Night in a hammock

Lapland's 8 seasons: Polar night

Muonion 8 vuodenaikaa: Pakkastalvi

Talviyö riippumatossa