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Food - What and where?

Food - What and where?

Food. Lunch. Supper. Breakfast. And all the other mouthfuls.

In my opinion, good food is an essential part of a good holiday. And on vacation, is when you ever have to pamper yourself, and enjoy ready-made options, at least to some extent.

Whether you're coming to stay for a week or just a few days, a good advance planning is worth it. Order food in advance from our local store and pick up your shopping upon arrival. Or of course, we can bring them when we come to meet you - the shop is along the way!

The local forest dishes are definitely in a class of their own and we are delighted to have found so much berries 2020 that we can also offer these natural superfoods to you too! We've picked cloudberries, bilberries and crowberries ourselves and you can either buy these alone or as a combined cooking course. Traditional bilberry pie as well as bread cheese with cloudberries offer vitamins to be enjoyed in the most delicious form. And did you know that delicious crowberry juice can also be made easily in just a day? I am happy to share my best recipes and cooking tricks during the course.

Flat bread "rieska" is one of Lapland's own special delicacies and, like all traditional dishes, there are countless recipes. I also have my own and I bake rieska at home on a regular basis. However, I could bake it more often, if you ask my children :) Archipelago bread is a traditional Finnish bread that also is in my repertoire. It is dark, sweet bread and it is wonderful addition to Villa Rauha's bread class with flat bread, as only one of these needs to baked in an ove. Want to know which one?

What could taste better than food prepared and enjoyed by the campfire outdoors? A traditional sausage is always a good option for a quick need, but a blazed salmon made by the fire is an experience from start to finish at its best. Lighting a campfire, nailing a fish with self-made wooden nails, maintaining a campfire, and tracking the maturity of a fish are all things you learn only by doing, not by reading a book!


There are several restaurants in the surrounding area (less than an hour's drive away). More information about the restaurants in Levi and Ylläs can be found on the websites of both resorts. The restaurant list for the Muonio area can also be found on the Discover Muonio website, but we would like to mention a couple of places:

  • Tunturikeimiö is only 7 km from Villa Rauha and you can occasionally  get ready-made portions from them to be rescued through the ResQ Club app - easy, affordable and responsible! Hopefully this trend will soon spread to other local players as well :)
  • Lapland Hotels Pallas, situated inside Finland's oldest National park has a great history and offers very good food in a wonderful landscape.
  • Restaurant TAKKA in Lapland Hotels Olos offers food for even demanding taste in a cozy glow of fire place. 

Please note that restaurants are open with seasonal open times.