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Sense the silence

Sense the silence

When was the last time you stopped just to be still? To listen and to watch the surroundings? To breathe? 

When was the last time you took a nap? And when was the last time you took the nap outside? 

I know we have a huge number of places to see and to experience here in Lapland. One should visit here and there, experience everything possible. But what if there was no compulsion? If only one could be still and take a nap in the wonderful landscape. Breathe the cleanest air in the world. Let go of all the compulsion to perform and just wrap deeper into a gentle embrace of a hammock.

An excursion to one of the wonderful natural sites in the vicinity is easy to fix to suit everyone's preferences, and we will be happy to take you as a guide whether your goal is to climb a fell or to a distant swamp.

But if you want to have a peaceful nature experience that doesn't force you to walk or climb a single meter, then I recommend you to try cocooning in a hammock. As easiest it is to hang the hammock in the trees on the villa's yard, but as the hammock is easy to take with you, it can be used to go to any desired place - only up to that point, where there are still trees for hanging it :)

JIf you thought that hammocks aren't to be used during winters, we can easily prove that assumption wrong! And if you feel that daytime naps are too short time to sleep in a hammock, then yes, it will work overnight also! However, much more equipment is needed for winter cocooning!