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Villa Rauha - Much more than just a cottage!

We offer accommodation, nature based programs and the opportunity to experience a magnificent Arctic Outdoor Spa with a traditional Finnish smoke sauna.

We are located on the shores of Lake Jerisjärvi, in the immediate vicinity of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.


What to do in Villa Rauha?

Are you more of an active outdoor person or an aesthetician enjoying a peaceful stay indoors and out in the yard? Or between the first and the second? At Villa Rauha, both options are entirely...

Food - What and where?

Food. Lunch. Supper. Breakfast. And all the other mouthfuls. In my opinion, good food is an essential part of a good holiday. And on vacation, is when you ever have to pamper yourself, and...

Lapland's 8 seasons: Autumn Foliage

The seasons of Lapland change frequently. Just when you were used to the current one and had the clothes and hobby equipment arranged in the current order of need, then suddenly there is already...

Around the lake Jerisjärvi, part 1

There are plenty of stories about lake Jerisjärvi itself but we concentrate now only for the places to see by the road around the lake.

Around the lake Jerisjärvi, part 2

First part of our tour ended in Kutuniva and we'll continue from here forward.

Sense the silence

When was the last time you stopped just to be still? To listen and to watch the surroundings? To breathe? When was the last time you took a nap? And when was the last time you took the nap...

Night in a hammock

October is often a very misunderstood month. It is generally considered gloomy, wet and gray. But that's not the whole truth at all. It's true that October is definitely the darkest time of the...

Lapland's 8 seasons: Polar night

The darkest time of the year is the most colorful time of the year!

Muonion 8 vuodenaikaa: Pakkastalvi

Pakkastalveksi kutsutaan ajanjaksoa siitä, kun kaamos pikkuhiljaa alkaa väistyä tammikuun alusta lähtien aina maaliskuulle asti, kunnes aurinko alkaa selkeästi lämmittää.

Talviyö riippumatossa

Villa Rauhan aktiviteetteihin sisältyy melkein aina jollain tavoin rippumatto. Se on mielestäni yksi parhaita keksintöjä koskaan, sillä se yhdistää kaksi ehdottoman ihanaa toimintoa: makaamisen ja...