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The perfect short holiday in the peace of Lapland's nature in Villa Rauha

The perfect short holiday in the peace of Lapland's nature in Villa Rauha
From €450.00 / d
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Close your eyes and imagine all the things that could help you get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Do you see the fire that warms the fireplace and the enchanting flame of the candles? Do you see an inviting armchair where you can immerse yourself in reading or listening to a book or music? Or is the softness of the sofa or the luxury and the armpit of your own gold quite irresistible in the outdoor hot tub? Villa Rauha has all these!


It is not always necessary to take a long vacation to get out of everyday routines. Sometimes even one night works wonders and a two-night absence is a luxury. Villa Rauha offers a moment of relaxation just when you need it. Everything is ready for you and all you have to do is come. We've been shopping for you, and unpacking the lockers. There are trees ready in the fireplace, our outdoor hot tub and sauna are ready to use just the second you want to use them, and the bed has clean sheets made by us yourself.

Go outside, sleep, read, play board games, listen to your favorite music, swing in the lovely yoga cloth nest and forget about the world around you completely. Focus on what is around you right now. We will meet you upon your arrival, show you the places, guide you how to use the jacuzzi and sauna, and then leave the place. You get the whole Villa Rauha with its courtyards for your own use.

A 1 night holiday includes arrival at the cottage as early as 11am onwards and no need to leave until 6pm the next day. So you have two full days to jump off the everyday squirrel wheel into your own happiness bubble.

A 2 night holiday includes arrival at the cottage on the day of arrival from 5pm onwards and departure after 2 nights by 6pm. The ideal solution for a slightly longer weekend break than normal.