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Lappish All-inclusive

From €700.00 / d
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Lappish All-inclusive - a holiday for those who want everything ready, but still want to enjoy their own peace.


  • A comfortable villa so ready that you'll have a fire in the fireplace, sparkling wine poured in and your favorite music playing in the background when you arrive?
  • Smoke sauna every day?
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners ready every day?
  • All groceries handled?
  • All rental equipment delivered in advance on site by our own wishes?

And all this so that your own peace is maintained throughout the holiday? Is that possible?

Yes it just is, believe me! With a very fast schedule, this cannot be done, nor for very many people, but yes, it will be done if you are a maximum of 5 people and you give us 2 weeks to prepare ourselves.