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Arctic outdoor Spa -experience in Villa Rauha

Arctic outdoor Spa -experience in Villa Rauha
€400.00 / 7 h
Price includes 6 persons.

Tradition and luxury in one package

Our outdoor spa has been built around two amazing elements: A traditional Finnish smoke sauna and a modern outdoor jacuzzi. In the old days there were no washing room inside the saunas and all the washing was done outdoors. We have returned this tradition!

It takes about 4 hours to warm the smoke sauna up during the summer and a bit longer in the wintertime. If you wish to experience the gentle warmth of the smoke sauna, we are glad to warm it for you. While warming up the sauna we will also prepare the whole outdoor area ready for bathing and also use the natural ingredients from the surrounding area to fulfill  the experience.

Outdoor spa can only be booked if there are no guests staying at the villa. The spa is available from 4 pm onwards and include use of the villa, a pre-heated smoke sauna, use of the outdoor jacuzzi and seasonally either swimming in the lake or in the snow. Towels and personal smoke sauna cloths are also included.