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Night in a hammock

Night in a hammock

October is often a very misunderstood month. It is generally considered gloomy, wet and gray. But that's not the whole truth at all. It's true that October is definitely the darkest time of the year in the evenings and nights before the snow arrives and illuminates the landscape again. But yes, the sun shines in October too!

One might suddenly imagine that in the case of an overnight stay in a hammock, the amount of goods would somehow be much less than, for example, on a tent trip, but the fact is unfortunately different. At least the same amount of stuff is needed. 4 hammocks take up space and weigh almost the same as smaller tents. However, packing is easier :)

We have our own little perfect place for a hammock overnight stay. A small dry "island", saajo, in the woods in the middle of the swamp offers everything essential: Shelter, a fireplace and great pine trees for hanging hammocks.

The best thing about night trips in my opinion is the fire. The importance of light and fire is emphasized during the dark season, but they are also valued during summer. There are as many ways to make fire as there are fire makers and it is nice to share knowledge and learn from others. In fact, I have recently  learned how to use tinderbox more often and it really works more easily every time. Use of kiehinen is one of the basic skills in making the the fire, and all of these can be practiced during a night out, even for hours!

In addition to the light phenomena of fires and the sky, it is always worth preparing for night trips with headlamps, of course, but on this trip we also had candle lanterns and outdoor trinkets.

(Preapring meals and coffee is closely realated to bonfire, but I'll save the details to another piece of writing.)

We sure had a cute trip! You can buy yours directly from here!

A straight answer to the question if it was cold: Oh yes it was! The location near swamp makes the weather to be much colder than on dry land and in the future I will definately take the reindeer hide with me :-D