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Lapland's 8 seasons: Autumn Foliage

Lapland's 8 seasons: Autumn Foliage

The seasons of Lapland change frequently. Just when you were used to the current one and had the clothes and hobby equipment arranged in the current order of need, then suddenly there is already an exchange for a new one. 

To the question "When is fall color at its best?" is just as difficult to answer as the question of when the northern lights are visible. Natural phenomena come and go without a precise timetable. Usually the best time is mid-September, but the fall colors creep into the fells and forests little by little, and the bright coloring of the bilberry leaves can erupt as early as August. After a warm autumn, the colors is still admired in October.

The coloring of the autumn is affected by summer temperatures, rainfall and, of course, the appearing of the first cold weather and frosts. All the stunning colors from yellow to orange and bright red come visible as the plants prepare for winter. The leaf green is put in storage and the colors remain.