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Around the lake Jerisjärvi, part 1

Around the lake Jerisjärvi, part 1

There are plenty of stories about lake Jerisjärvi itself but we concentrate now only for the places to see by the road around the lake. Links for more information on the end of this story.

Our trip goes counterclockwise from the villa.

Reindeer are a common sight all over the north and these horn-headed half-domestic animals need to be evaded by humans. Reindeer completely lack the fear of cars. Although they often seem to be afraid of cyclists and walkers. And if they are not afraid, do not go too close. A frightened reindeer can behave aggressively!

When you drive only a small distance forward, you can see a lonely round fell top, Keimiötunturi. Keimiötunturi is the southernmost fell in the Pallas-Ounas fell line and is particularly spectacular in the Jerisjärvi area. Around Keimiötunturi you will also find wonderful destinations for several day trips in all seasons. There is a path up to fell top and only 5 km from our villa there is an info parking lot for Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, from where the route to Keimiöjärvi starts.

Shortly after Keimiötunturi fell, you could also deviate from the road towards Keimiöniemi and the famous fish taverns. But we continue straight (or well, remember to turn left at the junction after the Jeris Hotel, towards Särkijärvi) to Kutuniva. At the western end of the Jerisjärvi, the Jerisjoki River descends and immediately after the bridge there is a parking lot on the right.

Kutuniva is famous for its year-round swans, who have not traveled elsewhere for the winter for years. The Kutuniva area is stunning all year round and definitely worth a stop. In winter, the dippers and playful otters also thrive in harmony with the swans in Kutuniva.

f you do the roundtrip during the day, then visit also Tunturiporo shop. Here you can get coffee with their self baked delicacies, lunch and souvenirs. But most of all, you can get locally processed reindeer meat from there, even to take home!

From Kutuniva you can take a turn to Finnish Fish Library.


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