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Around the lake Jerisjärvi, part 2

Around the lake Jerisjärvi, part 2

First part of our tour ended in Kutuniva and we'll continue from here forward.

Just a few kilometers from Kutuniva the road turns right to Torassieppi, which is a traditional lappish village. The 3-kilometer road is worth driving all the way to its end point and admiring the atmosphere and scenery of the village. The village is crossed by the same Jerisjoki, which started from Kutuniva. The rugged Lake Torassieppijärvi, which has been peeking from the left side of the road all the way, can be seen more broadly from the bridge over the river.

There are both husky and reindeer farm in Torassieppi, which can be explored by participating in guided tours (link below).

In addition, there is a wonderful Pääkorvan Tila as a brand new destination, which does not yet organize similarly programmed tours, but we have received permission from Villa Rauha to ask our customers for a private tour! This company does not yet have a website, but we have already been able to visit the place ourselves and we hope that others will be able to get to know this wonderful destination and its lovely animal inhabitants.

From Torassieppi, the journey continues to Särkijärvi, from where you have to turn left again, back towards Rauhala. The studio of the artist Veli Koljonen is located in Särkijärvi, which you can be visited also, but the visit should be arranged with the artist in advance.

A little after the village Särkijärvi  there is a the big parking place on the left side of the road, which is definitely worth stopping. The parking lot has a fire place and toilets and from the other side of the road there is a path up to Särkitunturi fell. For many Muonio-visitors, the Särkitunturi excursion is the first destination where you can easily get acquainted with mountain hiking. As a reward, those who endure up to the top get great views over lakes Särkijärvi and Jerisjärvi to the entire Pallas' mountain range.

But you can also get a wonderful experience over the Finnish national landscape straight from the parking lot. The bottom two photos are taken directly from the edge of the parking lot! And if you feel that there is something familiar in the pictures, then you may have seen Vallila's 'Muonio' fabric curtains somewhere :)

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